Let the good times roll.

I think if some wonderful, I-can’t-believe-this-is-happening good news fell into my lap, the first thing I would do is start laughing, because good things never happen to me, so I’d probably be doing it as a defense mechanism just in case it was a joke.  After it had been confirmed as being not a joke, I’d probably smile, hug people, generally be in a pleasant, convivial mood.  I don’t drink, so I wouldn’t be toasting with champagne or anything, but I probably would go get a Starbucks later that night or something, maybe after having had my favorite take-out for dinner, which is basically how I celebrate anything anyway.  I’m not a very social person, I never have been, so the absolute last thing I would be comfortable with is being flung into a party or some other gathering like that.  It would more than likely put a damper on my good mood, and if I’m celebrating something I’d been waiting/hoping for, that’s the last thing I’d want.



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