Lookin’ Out My Back Door

We’ll start things off by saying the Daily Prompt’s title is an underrated CCR song, much like Green River.  Now, on to the prompt:

“Hello, visitor!  As you gaze outside, one thing you’ll notice is how boring it looks.  I mean that in a nice way, by the way.  Boring can be good.  It’s just that there’s nothing going on, just a huge green lawn and some pine trees.  If little kids lived here, there might be a swing set and a pool, but since it’s just grown adults, plain ol’ lawn it is.  That’s really all there is to see, dear visitor.  I wish there was something more exciting back here to show you, but there isn’t.  Well, if you look to your right, there’s an old cemetery that dates back to the antebellum period, as it served the small village that existed here at that time, but I don’t think you came here to gaze upon a Civil War-era cemetery.  Soooo…..yeah.”



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