The Heat Is On

I’ve always done my best work, either at work or at school, when on a tight deadline.  Thinking back to my college days, I once typed a 25-page research paper for my Psychology class the night before it was due and got an A-.  I know someone in that same class that finished their paper a week before it was due and got a C+.  I’m the kind of person that works best when there’s no room for error.  If you tell me a project is due next month, I won’t even begin looking at it until a week before I need to finish it, unless it’s something that absolutely requires all of those 30 days.  My reason being, if I put myself in a situation where I absolutely have to work and can’t take breaks to check Twitter or write a couple more chapters of a story I’m working on or listen to music, I will work, and I will work until I collapse at my desk.  I’ve always been that way, and again, it’s hard to explain why.  I don’t necessarily like pressure in the form of someone standing over my shoulder, breathing down my neck, barking orders at me……in that situation I’m more liable to make mistakes and be sloppy, but pressure in general has never bothered me.

The only exemption to that is studying for exams.  I had to study days in advance, because if I tried cramming for it the night before, I was guaranteed to forget everything but my own name when I sat down.  I have horrible short-term memory.  I could study a list of 10 names, trying to memorize all of them, and then 15 minutes later maybe remember half, if I was lucky.  So the people cramming for exams 30 minutes before class always amused me.  That to me wasn’t enough time to let the information really take root in your brain so that you could easily call upon it if need be.  Of course, those students always seemed to get A’s, so what do I know?  LOL


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