Red Pill, Blue Pill

I think that if it were possible to get all of my daily nutritional needs met in one single pill, and make it so I wouldn’t have to worry about calorie counts, food preparation, vitamins/minerals, all of that…..I don’t think I’d do it.  It would be a tough thing to walk away from, but I’d do it all the same.  The reason being, I like how food tastes.  I would miss that.  Speaking as someone who has struggled with their weight all their life, I understand the ease of swallowing a single pill each day knowing it would provide all my dietary requirements would be wonderful……but the joy that comes from biting into a piece of pizza, or a cookie, or even a piece of fruit would be gone, and it wouldn’t be worth it.  Maybe I’d compromise and take the pill six days a week and eat real food on my “cheat day” so that I could get the benefits of one without losing out on the fun of the other.


Tell me what you think!

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