New theme/layout!

A new day has dawned here at Designer Sophisticate.  After over a year of the Hemingway Unwritten theme, I have decided to go for something a bit more funky, a bit more fun.  I like the fact that I can choose what fonts I want everything in, as it’s a function I didn’t have with my previous theme when I’d go to customize it.  I hope you grow to love it as much as I have already.



  1. Green Embers · September 6, 2015

    I love new themes. Picking the right one can be a royal pain though. Glad you like yours! 🙂


    • Beth · September 7, 2015

      Yeah, it takes some trial and error to find one that either speaks to you or shows off what you want your blog to be about. I didn’t hate Hemingway Unwritten, it’s a gorgeous theme, and the designer should be praised….I just thought something different was called for.

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