Be it ever so humble…..

“Home” to me connotes warmth, comfort, safety, and happiness, so the things inside the house I live in that make me feel those things or experience those things would be my family, my books, and my pets.  I think anywhere I lived would feel like home if I had those things and those people around me.  I grew up in Chicago, as anyone who faithfully reads this blog would well know, and to me, Chicago will always be home in the sense that it’s where my heart is, but as I don’t plan on moving from this location any time soon, if ever, it’s kind of become home-lite.  I love the scenery, I love the things around this area — my sister and I went to Pilot Mountain yesterday, and once the weather gets cooler and the leaves start changing color, we’re going to go back and hike up to the top (or as near to the top as we’re allowed to go) — so to me, that also gives off that warm, comforting, happy feeling.


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