Lack of Updates

I just wanted to send a quick little message to all my readers that no, I haven’t abandoned the blog.  The Daily Prompts the last few days haven’t really inspired me to write anything, and I couldn’t think of anything independent of them to write about, which explains the lack of posts recently.  I’ve also been going through a minor depressive period, and didn’t really want to bring everyone else down by blogging about it.  Hopefully in the coming days I’ll be able to once again fill this site with my special brand of humor and insight, but until then, this little note to let you know I’m still here will have to do.

Go Cubbies, Go Dodgers!

(As a Yankees fan, I’m contractually obligated to hate the Mets, no matter what they’re doing, and as a native Chicagoan and North Sider, I’ve always had a soft spot for the Cubs.)



  1. Vonita · October 13, 2015

    All the best x


    • Beth · October 15, 2015

      Thank you. It’s hard sometimes to stay positive, and the urge to just drown in all the negativity and sadness is strong, but I get up every morning, determined to not let it beat me.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Vonita · October 15, 2015

        That is the best thing. I have been there, and it is something I constantly have to fight. Sometimes it gets too hard.


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