Big Yellow Taxi

One day, sometime in the year 2205, a young girl steps into her space capsule and programs it to take her some place new, some place exotic.  Some place she’s never been before.  Take-off is swift, and the landing is equally so, and she opens the hatch and steps outside….to see a parking lot.  Confused, she goes back inside, checking the coordinates she put in, unsure as to why it didn’t take her where she wanted to go.

“Where am I?  This isn’t Brazil.”

She inputs the coordinates one more time, taking care to triple-check each one before initiating the launch sequence, and soon finds that she is, in fact, in Brazil.  Only, it doesn’t look like she was expecting it to.

“Where are the trees, where are the flowers?”

She walks around, noting that there aren’t any trees for miles, just an endless vista of buildings, factories, and paved roads.  Disheartened, she returns to her space capsule and pulls up an online website, typing in some information.  She was saddened to find that there used to be a rain forest there, a couple hundred years before, but it had been destroyed by industrialization and commerce.  Where lush acres of trees, flowers, and hundreds of species of animals and insects once thrived, now sat parking lots and cars and shopping malls.  The beauty that once existed there was gone, now only accessible through photographs and stories passed down through generations of kids.  She sighed and closed the website, typing in the coordinates for home.

“At least that still exists.  For now.”



  1. Artistami.Eva · November 12, 2015

    That was so sad, and scary at the same time to think it can and is happening.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beth · November 12, 2015

    It is sad, and it is scary. If we don’t protect and defend the best parts of this planet, in a hundred or two hundred years, it’ll all be gone, and like the girl in the story, all we’ll have to show that it was ever there will be photographs and stories.


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