A bit of Column A, a dash of Column B

I try not to hold grudges.  I really do.  However, it’s hard sometimes for me to let things go, particularly when I’m really hurt by it.  If it’s something fleeting, something I know won’t bother me that long, I can usually brush it off after a while and move on, but if it’s one of those deep hurts, something that really hits at my core, then it takes a lot longer, and in some cases, I’m still bothered by them to this day.  It’s not necessarily something about myself I’m proud of, because it doesn’t speak very highly of me, but it’s also something that in a way, is a fundamental part of my makeup.  Every year, I always tell myself that this is the year when I’m going to let go of all past wrongs and just move on completely, but something always happens to make me remember that hurt or that slight, then I’m right back to hating that person for whatever it was they did.

I’ll best it one day.  I hope.


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