Life is a highway.

  1. New York City — This will be forever #1 on any list of places I’d love to see before I die.  I’m a city girl, so big urban areas don’t scare me.  There’s so much about NYC I love, whether it be the culture, the food, the scenery….I hope to get there one day.
  2. London — I’m a history buff, and considering London started out as a Roman outpost some 2000 years ago, there’s a lot of history there, not to mention in the surrounding environs.  There are also a lot of fun, cultural things I’d like to see/do, including having my picture taken walking across Abbey Road.  Who hasn’t done that when in London?  I’m sure I’d look like another silly American tourist, particularly to the locals who are more than likely tired of that intersection being clogged with people all the time, but poo on them I say.
  3. Glasgow/Edinburgh — I can drive there from London, and both are connected by a major highway, so I could theoretically see all three in the same given weekend if I wanted.  My reasons for going to Scotland are fairly simple; Scottish men are hot, and I love their accents.  If I could see a cute guy in a kilt just once, the airfare/hotel will have paid for itself.
  4. Auschwitz — If you’re a human being with even a discernible appreciation and respect for the past, and you don’t want to go here to pay witness to the horrors that occurred there, well, I don’t know what to say to you.
  5. Tahiti — A week on a sun-drenched tropical island, drinking fruity drinks with an umbrella in them watching the sun set over a black sand beach?  You have to ask why I’d want to go there??


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