“Sugar, sugar….oh honey, honey.”

Who doesn’t love The Archies, I ask you?  I have a MASSIVE sweet tooth, inherited from my lovely mother, so all manner of desserts and treats like that are like crack to me.  My all-time favorite is absolutely anything chocolate.  Chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, chocolate cookies, chocolate cream pie, brownies, fudge, hot cocoa….if it can be loaded with chocolate or chocolate chunks or chocolate chips or chocolate drizzle, I’m there.  My grandmother used to make me a chocolate cream pie, from scratch, for my birthday every year, and my mother makes a really good one as well, but she hasn’t made it in a while.

I’m also a fan of anything coconut as well.  Growing up in Chicago, during the summer there would be ice cream venders with those little push carts, and you could buy ice cream one of two ways; con agua or con leche.  I would always buy the coco con leche because at the bottom of the ice cream bar would be a ton of coconut shavings.  It was AMAZING.  I have yet to find a coconut ice cream worth a damn since.  Which is a shame, because I’d save my pennies (sometimes literally) in order to buy one bar a week, and I haven’t had one in probably 20 years or more now.  We haven’t been out of Chicago that long, but it’s still been that long since I’ve had one.



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