Don’t baby me.

I don’t like having people hover over me or around me when I’m not feeling well.  It doesn’t actually help me to recover any quicker, and honestly, it makes me feel worse than I already do.  I take some medicine, get lots of rest, or at least make sure I get plenty of sleep, and go about my day-to-day business, provided I’m physically able to.  If I’ve got the flu or something, and every 10 minutes I’m running to the bathroom to upchuck, it’ll make doing my chores/errands a bit difficult, but aside from that, it’s just like any other day, except maybe I’m sniffling a lot and can’t breath out of my nose very well.  When I was a child, I loved being babied when I was sick, but that’s because I was a child.  I’m an adult now, and unless I’m on my deathbed, and probably even then I wouldn’t want a lot of obsequious fawning, just let me get on with the day.  I have a cold, not the plague.

I think the only thing that would really make me acquiesce and seek help from someone when I was ill would be if it was really, really serious…like pneumonia or something similar.  An illness where I was essentially confined to bed rest for a specific period of time.  Barring that however, just give me some Alka-Seltzer tablets, a glass of water, and that’s it.


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