The Evil Empire

I love sports. Well, I love one sport above all others — baseball.  Baseball is my lifeblood during the spring/summer/early fall.  As you no doubt deduced from the title of this post, I’m a New York Yankees fan.  I’m not from New York, and in fact, I’ve never even been there, but call me a bandwagoner, and I’ll chew your head off.  Say I’m only into it for good-looking men, and I’ll chew your head off.  I know there are some women who only watch sports, not just baseball, because they want to drool over hunky athletes, but I’m not one of them.  I can actually follow what’s going on during the course of a game.  Now, of course I acknowledge the attractiveness of the physical specimens running around for my amusement, I am a heterosexual woman after all, but I don’t watch for that reason.  I just love baseball!  If the Yankees game is over or if they’re not playing that day/night, I’ll listen to any game that I can find.  Bonus points if it’s a Dodgers game, because I love listening to Vin Scully call a game.  Last season will be his last, so I’m going to take advantage of that as often as I can.

Now, what’s my fandom like?  Well, I listen to games via Gameday Audio on, and I make comments about games/players on Twitter, but that’s the extent of it.  I don’t post on any Yankees message boards, I don’t even talk about them much on this blog, mostly because I don’t want to bore people that aren’t into baseball or God forbid, hate the Yankees.  LOL.  My dad got me into baseball when I was a kid.  Growing up in Chicago, particularly on the North Side, it was a Cubs household, and my dad is still a huge Cubs fan — he always has been.  We even went to games at Wrigley Field.  So I have him to thank for my appreciation and passion for the game.  Once a year, we’ll watch the Ken Burns documentary Baseball even though we’ve seen it probably 20 times by now, just because we love it so much.

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