Cue the Cher song.

You know which song I’m talking about.  That one.  The one where she’s parading around on a fully-commissioned battleship wearing nothing more than fishnet and electrical tape, buttcheek tattoos on full display.  Bless her, I think she was 85 when she shot that video.  Well, maybe not 85, but older than most female singers who dress in as much or less in their music videos, and I think that was that point.  She was in her mid-40s by that point, but thanks to Bob Mackie and a good surgeon, didn’t look it.  She still doesn’t look her age, but again, she’s got a good surgeon.

As for me, I don’t plan on going under the knife or getting any kind of injections to stave off the eventual slow march of time across my stunning visage, but there are steps I take now that will make the slow march even slower; I stay out of the sun, I drink a lot of water, and I don’t wear a ton of makeup, if any.  I love makeup, but I was fortunate to not go through the dreaded acne period when I was a teenager, and I’d like to continue that trend if at all possible.  I don’t think anyone wants to get older, whether in mind or in body, but it’ll happen to all of us barring some tragic, unforeseen circumstances.  Dylan Thomas once asked us to not go gently into that good night and to rage against the dying of the light, and for some people, that means plastic surgery, Botox, lip injections, fake tans, hair extensions, you name it.  I think so long as your external modifications aren’t being done to cover up some perceived internal flaw, you’re fine.  If you’re getting bigger tits because you think you’re ugly with small boobs, that’s a dumb reason to do it.


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