Stroke of Midnight


At midnight, I was sound asleep, having been in bed since about 10:30.  I get up every morning at 6 a.m., whether it’s a weekday, a weekend, a holiday…it doesn’t matter.  So, staying up late isn’t really possible for me.  I think the last time I stayed up until midnight on New Year’s Eve was 1999, just so I could usher in the new millennium.  Otherwise, that’s it.  I know a lot of people who wish they could be in Times Square in NYC to ring in the new year, but there’s nothing I want less than being crammed in a small space with about a million people, in the cold, being unable to move lest I lose my spot.  Also, I’m not keen on wearing an adult diaper so I don’t have to worry about where I’d be going to the bathroom.  My bed at home is just fine, it’s nice and cozy warm, and there’s only me in it.  Plus, the bathroom is just down the hall.



  1. Jim Kane · January 1, 2016

    You are the second blog I have read this morning which speaks of 1999. Hard to believe that was now 16 years ago. I hope that 2016 goes well for you. Jim

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    • Beth · January 1, 2016

      Thank you, and the same to you and yours as well, Jim. I think a lot of people probably made a point of staying up in 1999, only because ringing in the new millennium isn’t something everyone gets to do — if you’re alive at the time, it’s a really cool thing to say you did. Other than something like that, it’s just going from one year to the next.

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  2. Ngobesing Romanus · January 1, 2016

    It was quite a wise decision. Some nights are not just that safe.

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    • Beth · January 1, 2016

      It’s Amateur Night, so my dad likes to call it. New Year’s Eve and St. Patrick’s Day are two days of the year that I don’t like being out around other people. It’s too often a license from drunken stupidity, and I can’t abide it.


      • Ngobesing Romanus · January 1, 2016

        That is why I call your decision a wise one. A wise person knows when to go out and when to stay at home.


  3. luckyjc007 · January 1, 2016

    Being home safe and sound with all your normal conveniences, sounds like an ideal way to bring in a new year! I did the same! 🙂 HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  4. Vonita · January 2, 2016

    Happy New Year!


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