Quitters never win.

Last year, I made a New Year’s Resolution that I’ve actually managed to keep for the most part, and considering what the resolution dealt with, that’s a minor miracle unto itself.  Instead of saying I wanted to lose X number of pounds by Y date, I said I was going to eat healthier.  Less fast-food, less salt, less sugar, more water, and I’ve stuck to that.  I still have the occasional treat, like my donuts for breakfast on Fridays, or a couple pieces of dark chocolate as a bedtime snack, but other than that, I eat a lot of leftovers and whatever my family cooks for lunch on Saturdays and Sundays.  I don’t have my weekly Frappuccino anymore, though that’s for a different reason, and that certainly has made a dent in my caloric intake.    I’m proud of myself if only because I’d made resolutions about my weight in the past and never kept to them because it’s hard — having no money to buy fast-food or junk food or other crap like that makes it a lot easier, believe me.



One comment

  1. jacquelineobyikocha · January 6, 2016

    Good for you. Wish I had done that .


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