Stronger than I thought.

About 10 years ago, when we were still living in Alpharetta, Georgia, my parents went out of town, back up to Illinois, to take care of something concerning my grandmother’s house, and my sister and I were left home alone for the weekend.  While they were gone, the weather went south, and I mean WAY south.  A Tornado Watch was issued for our area, and I told my sister to come downstairs and sit with me in the living room, just in case we had to move to another room in a hurry, I knew where she was.  The storms were pretty bad, but no worse than any storms we’d lived through before, but then the power went out.  We went to an interior room as the wind started picking up, and we were crammed in a small half-bathroom with a pillow, her teddy bear, a flashlight, a cell phone, and a battery-powered radio.  I couldn’t find our cat, who was hiding underneath some piece of furniture somewhere, and there wasn’t even room for our dog in there either, so he was still in the kitchen.

To say we were scared was an understatement.  My sister called our mother to tell her what was going on, and my job was to keep her from freaking out, even though I wanted to freak out myself.  The storm passed, and we left the bathroom to go outside and see if we could tell what happened.  With no electricity, we couldn’t see anything anyway, so we went back inside and tried to get some sleep.  The next morning, we found out that a tornado came through about a mile from our house.  A mile.  We drove around and saw the damage, and it was literally two subdivisions away from ours.  After the power had gone out the night before, a Tornado Warning was issued for our area, and the tornado sirens were supposed to go off, but the batteries in them were dead.  I was grateful for that, if only because it would have caused mass panic and pandemonium had they actually worked.

My sister and I acquitted ourselves pretty well, considering we’d never been in a situation like that before and had no prior experience or knowledge to fall back on.  I’d have preferred to not go through it though, if I had a choice.

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