Mrs. Timberlake.

When I was a teenager, all those many, many years ago in the late 90s/early 00s, I was a massive, massive fan of ‘NSYNC.  I had their CDs, I had their poster on my wall, I even videotaped (yes, videotaped) a concert of theirs on HBO for my sister so we could watch it together, as she was away at camp.  I still have that tape, I think.  Anyway, my favorite member of the band was Justin Timberlake.  Oh, Lord.  I think I doodled “Mrs. Beth Timberlake” in more than a few notebooks when I was in high school.  I hope the current Mrs. Justin Timberlake isn’t put off by that.  My sister and I even saw them live in 2001 on their PopOdyssey Tour, after begging our dad to buy us tickets.  I was responsible for her, being 19 years old and she being only 13 at that time, but we had a blast.  I also remember calling my mom at work and asking her to buy two copies of their new album (Celebrity) when it came out while she was on her way home that evening.

She did.  What a great mom.

I still think he’s a hunk and a half, I have all his solo albums, and my sister and I missed out on seeing him live the last couple of tours, but we do have the concert DVDs.  Oh!  I almost forgot — we saw him and Christina Aguilera on the Justified and Stripped Tour back in 2003.  I saw him dropping his trousers as he ran off to do a quick-change….that’s how close to the side of the stage we were.  Good times, good times.


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