A Return to the 1990s.

Life without a computer would be incredibly dull, not to mention, incredibly lonely.  I don’t have many friends, and the few that I have do not live in North Carolina, so the only way I can talk to them every day is through Twitter.  My life would really be very much like it was back in the 1990s, before my family had a computer.  I’d have to watch TV on the TV, I’d have to read books to kill time, I’d have to……actually talk to human beings face-to-face!  OH NO!  It would actually be worse than having no Internet, because at least if the Internet is down, say if we have no power, I can at least play games on my computer or write some fiction — without the computer, I couldn’t even do that much.

It would suck, basically.  My computer is my life.



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