Unemployment Blues

It’s been almost four years now since I’ve been out work, and while I try very hard not to get discouraged and depressed over the state of my life, particularly my financial affairs, ti can be difficult not to.  I’ve sent my resume to hundreds of places in that time, and hundreds of times I’ve either gotten no response or a form e-mail/phone call saying I’m not a right fit for the company at this time or they’ve decided to go with a more qualified candidate or the position is no longer being filled….sometimes I don’t half wish they wouldn’t just be honest with me and tell me what specifically it was they didn’t like or didn’t want.

For those who might ask, because all the work I’d been doing before my uncomfortably protracted unemployment was temp or contract work, I’m not eligible to collect unemployment benefits.  That means rather than using that money to pay my bills while I look for a job, I have to rely on my family to do it, and while I don’t have a ton of bills, it’s still money they shouldn’t have to outlay in the first place.  I’ll be 34 in June; I should be financially independent right now, and I’m not, which really bothers me.

The worst part is that I’m considered under qualified for a lot of office work, but overqualified for retail work because I have a college degree.  The one time I left my degree off my resume when applying for a job at a retail establishment, during a phone interview they asked me if I’d done anything past high school, and when I said I had a BBA in Marketing, they asked why I hadn’t listed it on my resume.  When I told them that I found it was hindering me in getting interviews for certain kinds of jobs, they basically cut the interview short and told me to have a nice afternoon.  So, yeah.  There’s that.

Ain’t life grand?


One comment

  1. mterrazas32 · February 16, 2016

    I know how you feel, working hard to get that job. For me it will be 8 years of being out of work. Everything you wrote i can relate, 34 years old guy that should be financially stable, not to many bills, most of my income comes from temp/contract jobs. Sometimes i don’t know why they interview me if they are looking for experiene people which i lack the experience.


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