Are they 25% younger?

I always felt bad for people born on February 29.  My birthday is June 7, so I’m guaranteed to have it come around every year, win or lose.  I hated that it fell during the summer, after school was out, because I didn’t have anyone decorating my locker or anything cool like that, but at least I could look on the calendar and see that yes, it was June 7 and yes, it was my birthday.

People born in a Leap Year don’t get to do that but once every four years.  I wouldn’t feel like I was really celebrating my birthday if I did it on June 6 or June 8, so I wonder how it feels to have to celebrate on February 28 or March 1, depending on whether you want to go with “the last day in February” or “the day after February 28” as your reasoning.  As an adult, I would imagine it matters less and less the older you get, but when you’re kid, that has to suck.  Just like as a kid it must suck to be born on Christmas.  I mean, you don’t get separate birthday and Christmas gifts like other kids do, you get everything lumped together.

That’s why parents….when you’re going to have a baby, and you know the kid will be born sometime in a leap year, try and time your conception so the kid comes after February.  Do them a solid, yeah?

Tell me what you think!

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