I promise not to tell.

I’m really good at keeping secrets.  Honest.  I think it’s because I’m good at empathizing with people, and I can take a few moments to think about how hurt and devastated I’d be if someone blabbed a secret I told them in confidence, which keeps me from doing or saying something I’d ultimately regret.  I’ve always considered my trustworthiness and honesty some of my best qualities.

Thankfully I’ve never been asked to keep a secret that makes me uncomfortable for moral or ethical reasons.  I think if that were ever the case, I’d have to decline the confidence and do the right thing by contacting whatever the appropriate authorities were.  I don’t mind keeping your secret about kissing your best friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife, I don’t mind zipping the lips about that time you stole $20 from your mom’s wallet to go to the mall, but if you’ve broken a law or done something really, really shady/skeevy/disgusting….don’t tell me.  Just…..leave me out of it.



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