I wish it was easier.

One thing I’ve always had trouble doing was making friends.  In real life.  I’ve made some great friends on Twitter that I talk to umpteen times a day, but in real life, I’ve only got one friend, and I talk to her on Twitter occasionally because we don’t live in the same state anymore.  I was always envious of my sister growing up because she could walk into a crowded room of strangers and walk out with at least 15 new friends.  Me?  I’d be in the corner waiting for someone to talk to me first.  I was like that even as a child.  I’m not comfortable really in social settings where I don’t know everyone present, and owing to the fact that I don’t drink and don’t like being around drunks, going to a bar or club to meet people is out of the question.  I’m an atheist, so anything church-related is out the window too.  It’s not something I necessarily like about myself, because I think I’d be happier now if I had a social life of some kind, but putting myself out there is hard because I’m not only afraid of getting hurt, but of making a complete ass of myself.


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