My sister and I couldn’t be more different.  We don’t even really look alike that much (people say we do, but we just don’t see it), on top of all our other obvious differences.  I am very quiet, introverted, introspective, and bookish.  Karen is loud, gregarious, extroverted, and animated.  It’s why, I think, she went into education.  I would be the kind of teacher who would lecture off PowerPoint slides, whereas she comes up with fun games and experiments to help her students learn.  I would never think to do that.  She could walk into a crowded room where she knew no one and walk out half an hour later with at least five new friends.  She was like that even as a kid.  Me, I’m not comfortable in social situations where I don’t know everyone, and I’d be more likely to hide in the corner, waiting for someone to approach me before I’d ever just blindly walk up to a stranger and start talking to them.

We’re also vastly different in terms of organization skills.  If you looked at my notebooks from when I was in school, I had very detailed notes, in outline form, with key definitions and terms highlighted or underlined.  Her notebooks always looked like a chicken scratched it.  My bedroom/closet is incredibly organized, always clean, and I can find anything you ask for within about 20 seconds.  Her room…well…if a tornado went through it, it might improve it.  She knows where most things are, but I’ll be damned if I could find anything if you asked me to.  She likes to wear bright colors and pastels and loud prints, I prefer darker colors and if I wear prints, they’re geometric rather than floral.

The only thing that’s the same about is hair color, hair type, and eye color.  We both have very long, very thick, very curly brown hair and brown eyes.  She’s a few inches taller than me, she’s a few pounds lighter than me….I joked when we were little that we were both clearly adopted from other families because we couldn’t be more dissimilar.

She’s still one of my best friends, though.  Which is how it should be, I think.



  1. Creative Expressions · March 8, 2016

    This reminds me so much of my sister, so many similarities. My sister and I are twins, but we are different


  2. Sarah Harris · March 9, 2016

    So fun! While my 2 sisters and I were driven mad as youngsters by the huge contrasts with each other, now we too appreciate that we’re not the same. Makes it more interesting when we are in a room together.


  3. Radhika Acharya · August 10

    Nice one


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