Too late, too early.

I have two small Christmas trees on my desk.  One is silver wire with star-shaped tinsel wrapped around it, and the other is a dark blue tree made up of tinsel pipe cleaners (or so it feels).  Now, I know it’s not Christmas.  It won’t be Christmas for about 9 ½ months.  However, I like the colors.  My bedroom decor is mostly black and white, from my bedding to my fans to my lamps and the desk itself, so the trees are a pop of color that otherwise keeps the room from getting too dreary looking.  I’ve had them for years, and I can’t remember where I bought them.  Walgreens, maybe?  The bases are heavy and wrapped in either silver or blue paper, so you could crack someone over the head with one of them if you got desperate.

I think they’re cute.  I don’t usually do cute things, other than my stuffed toy dog I talked about in an earlier blog post, so their presence is charming.


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