Like Ma Bell, they got the ill communication.

I’m not a huge fan of rap/hip-hop, but I love the Beastie Boys.  They’re fantastic.  I remember, one of the first pieces of music I ever bought with my own money was the Check Your Head cassette tape in 1992.  My dad thought I was fucking crazy, because it was rap music, and rap music to him wasn’t actually music but rather, words chanted over noise, but I persisted and bought it anyway.  It’s still, to this day, my favorite album of theirs.

One of the reasons I love their work so much, aside from their first album, is the fact that they don’t use the words “bitches,” “hoes,” or the n-word every other word.  There’s a few f-bombs tossed in, but it’s not overwhelming.  I’m not saying you should listen to it with your 3-year-old in the car, but I wouldn’t call any of it obscene or filthy either.  Maybe that sounds really white of me, I don’t know.  I also think their contrasting voices sound good when bouncing back and forth between verses and the chorus.  They got good flow, is what I’m saying.  On that note, enjoy my favorite song of theirs:


  1. petitewise · March 11, 2016

    I don’t listen to Beastie Boys very often. But I do like that song you posted. 🙂
    I listen to a lot of Rage Against The Machine, though. I feel like they’re… similar? Maybe you can correct me on that and suggest a band more similar to Beastie than RATM?


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