The thunder rolls.

I love storms….provided they happen during the day.  I don’t like thunderstorms at night.  Rain at night is fine, but if there’s anything else going on with it, that’s no bueno.  I unfortunately live in an area where tornados can form, and at night, they’re practically invisible in the clouds.  I can’t sleep well at night if a storm is raging outside.  I’d be too scared that something was coming to destroy our house and kill us all in our sleep.  Which sounds ridiculous, because it’s not like I’d be able to do anything to stop a tornado from rampaging in my town, but no one said fears were rational.

I really, really love the rain, though.  I have a white noise app on my computer, and one of my favorite sounds to put on when I want to relax is a city rain.  It’s just so calming.  Do you all love when it rains too?  What’s your favorite thing to do when it’s raining?  Do you sit in the window and watch/listen or do you curl up with a book and some cocoa/tea/coffee?

One comment

  1. Vonita · March 15, 2016

    I love the rain too, read a book with hot tea is nice 😀


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