Call it organizational mania.

I have a bookshelf to the right of my desk, and it’s crammed to the gunnels with books.  I could really use a much taller bookshelf, one that will allow me to display more of the books I have that are currently not there, but needless to say…..I have a lot of books.  I have them organized by subject, and within each subject, they’re organized by size.  So, taller books on the ends, progressing to smaller books in the middle.  I don’t have them sorted by author within each subject, only because that would ruin my tallest-to-smallest schema.

Back when I listened to CDs and had them stuffed on shelves too, they were organized by artist, and within each artist grouping, the albums would be sorted chronologically. So, in the Mariah Carey section, it would start with her debut album, then progress to whatever the most current album of hers I had was.  I hated not knowing where something was when I wanted to listen to it or read it.  I wanted to be able to just look at the shelf, quickly scan for it, find it, then remove it.  All my CDs are packed up in boxes now, having put all of them on my computer to listen to that way, so it doesn’t matter for them so much anymore, but I have over 200 books, mostly paperback, and I’d like to put them all up on shelves where it looks like a mini-library.  Thank you thank you thank you mom and dad for teaching me to read when I was 3 years old.  Thank you.

Tell me what you think!

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