I’m a wimp.

I am about as non-confrontational as one can get.  I don’t like fighting, and I don’t like arguing with people….in real life.  On the Internet, I’ll argue my point(s) until the cows come home, but face to face, I’m more likely to slink away quietly than stick my neck out and risk it getting chopped off.  I know, that’s horrible, but I don’t handle confrontation/criticism very well, and it’s better for me mentally if I just don’t bother.  I’ve never even been in a physical fight — I’d be more likely to get pummeled into paste than to do the pummeling, and I’ve never thought beating the crap out of one another was an intelligent or even effective way of solving a problem.


One comment

  1. cshowers · March 18, 2016

    Because you don’t like engaging in a physical fight doesn’t make you a wimp. I think it makes you wise.


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