We miss you, George.

One of my favorite comedians is George Carlin.  He’s been gone more than a few years now sadly, and I sometimes wonder what he’d make of this current election cycle.  He had a very cynical view of politics and politicians anyway, believing that if you didn’t vote, you had every right to complain because you didn’t contribute to the wrong person getting elected.  I happen to disagree with that; if you don’t vote, you have no place to complain because you didn’t participate.  Sitting on your ass eating Cheetos while other people take an active part in shaping their government should earn you enmity, not an audience.

To get back on topic however, I used to love watching his HBO specials whenever they were on.  I learned a whole lot of rather colorful words and phrases because of him.  If you’ve ever heard/seen his Seven Dirty Words sketch, then you know some of the words I’m talking about.  I didn’t even know some of them were words until I saw that!  I think a lot of current-day comedians could learn a thing or two from him.  Yeah, he could be vulgar, but he was also very astute and knowledgeable about the world going on around him, and often worked that kind of topical commentary into his act.  He didn’t just stand up there and tell fart jokes, sex jokes, or racist jokes for an hour and half and go home.  Which I’m glad for, because I can’t stand non-stop brainless filth, and that’s what a lot of that is.  If you’re going to be vulgar, at least be vulgar for a purpose, you know?



One comment

  1. nonsmokingladybug · March 19, 2016

    I love George Carlin, he had us rolling. Now I start to fall in love with John Oliver, he is not as “dirty”, but beautifully sarcastic.


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