Who knew fat people can hike mountains?

My sister and I spent the afternoon hiking at Pilot Mountain, which is up near the Virginia border.  We didn’t tackle the “Strenuous” trail, but rather one of the “Moderate” trails, but it felt pretty goddamn strenuous to me.  LOL.  Neither of us are in the best shape in the world, but we endeavored to take it slow and enjoy ourselves regardless, which we did.  I always enjoy spending time with her, and when she tweeted me this morning asking if I was up for some adventuring, I was like, “Sure!  What the hell.”

To call the hike scenic would actually be underselling it.  It was absolutely stunning, and the weather today only heightened it.  It was really breezy though, and with no railings along the trail, you had to be very careful as you walked along, because a couple times the wind was strong enough to make me wobble on my feet a little, and the drop off the side is a ways down.  A long ways down.  We saw a couple of women wearing high wedge sandals, and I’ll be damned if I understand why someone would wear ho shoes to go hiking up a damn mountain.  It’s like, do you want a broken neck?  Because that’s how you get a broken neck.  We finished the whole trail, which actually winds around the knob at the top of Pilot Mountain (You can’t actually climb on the knob, it’s completely inaccessible.) and then back down the side.  We ended up taking over 4,000 steps and walking close to 3 miles.  Not bad for an afternoon’s work.

Karie, giving us her "I'm so excited to be here" face.

I probably should have taken my glasses off. Eh.











  1. Vonita · March 29, 2016

    This is so beautiful, and so nice to see you and your sister! 💝


  2. luckyjc007 · March 31, 2016

    Sounds like a wonderful day and spending it together makes it special. The photos are great! 🙂


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