I love makeup, but…

…I don’t wear it.  Part of the reason I don’t wear it is I don’t go anywhere except the grocery store or the donut place once a week, and I don’t really think I need to get myself all dolled up to buy food.  I love makeup, and I love watching makeup tutorial videos on YouTube (I subscribe to several channels that feature them, like Zabrena, NikkieTutorials, Tati [GlamLifeGuru], and Bailey B.), and if I find work, I plan on buying some makeup/brushes and all that jazz, but right now, there’s just no reason for to me use it.  I’ve been blessed with really good skin, never dealing with acne problems whatsoever, and I don’t want to develop any problems by clogging my pores with whatever makeup is made from.

The other reason I don’t wear it is I’m not very skilled in knowing what looks good on me color-wise versus what doesn’t, and I wouldn’t want to leave the house looking like a clown or like I’d put the stuff on with an airbrush gun.  I have a thing about not looking foolish in front of other people, and I’d hate to think people were snickering behind my back about the idiot who doesn’t know what shade of foundation she should be wearing.  I’m pretty pale, but I can still picture myself either looking ghostly white or like I put on bad self-tanner.



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