In bloom.


Where I live, there is a lot of wisteria, one of my favorite flowers, and it’s all blooming right now.  I’ve seen it draped over chain-link fences, hanging from vines and trees, even tucked inside of pine trees, believe it or not.  It’s a lovely pop of color amongst all the dark green.  Lilacs are also a favorite flower of mine, but there aren’t any lilac trees around where I am, sadly.  Our peony bushes are coming in, and they’re going to be gorgeous in a couple of months.  What are your favorite spring flowers?  Do you have them planted in your garden/yard, or are they just around where you live?


  1. Candia · April 2, 2016

    I love it too.
    There’s a poem in the Poetry section of my site called ‘Waiting for the Wisteria’. You might like it.


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