Daily Prompt Twin Spin

I completely forgot to check what yesterday’s Daily Prompt was, so I’m giving you both that one and today’s, all for the price of one.  That’s right folks, it’s Buy One Get One Free here at Designer Sophisticate.

  • I’ve always been praised for my handwriting.  When I was in 3rd grade, my teacher, Mrs. Hoffman, taught us how to write in cursive.  This was back in 1990, so kids still wrote all their homework out by hand, even multipage reports, so legible and clean penmanship was vital to getting a good grade.  I had a couple of teachers who would flat-out tell the class; if I can’t read what you’ve submitted, you get a zero.  My sister is a teacher, and she has the same policy with her students.  If she can’t read it, whether you’ve written it in printing or cursive, you get a zero.  They may not like it, but she’s got too much work to do to spend an hour trying to decipher hieroglyphics. I take pride in my penmanship, and even though I don’t use it anywhere near as much as I used to, it’s still beautiful all the same.  Thanks, Mrs. Hoffman!


  • I hate not knowing or understanding something.  It’s one of the worst feelings in the world, at least to me.  It’s one of those things that irritates me and continues irritating me until I find a way to come to the answer.  In school, I was always that kid that never raised their hand to answer a question unless I was 100% assured the answer I had was right.  I didn’t like giving the answer and having it be wrong.  The one class I was the most insistent about when it came this was math.  I hated math.  I always got good grades, but that didn’t mean I liked it.  It took me longer than some of the others in my class to figure things out, and when they’d turn in an exam with 45 minutes to spare, I’d turn mine in just as class let out.  I would double, triple, even quadruple check all my answers to make sure they were right.  Funnily enough, it wasn’t until many, many years after graduating from high school that all of the stuff I learned in math class, particularly algebra, suddenly made sense.  I was visiting my sister at the school she teaches at and found some math worksheets for 8th grade leftover in the copy room.  I was bored and grabbed them, sitting down to work on them, finding myself breezing through it.  I couldn’t understand why I was remembering stuff I hadn’t done in almost 20 years.  I wonder what I’m going to suddenly figure out 20 years from now. LOL



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  3. Radhika Acharya · August 10, 2017

    Now this was a good bargain 🙂


  4. Radhika Acharya · August 10, 2017

    I liked the buy one get one free so much – I think I’ll just follow you and get all of ’em free…. 🙂


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