Just don’t talk about it.

Under the prompt “Contrast” in the past, I’ve talked about different my sister and I are, not just in looks, but in temperament, attitude, and personality.  I also differ from the rest of my family, including my sister, in other ways — I’m the only liberal in the bunch.  I don’t like discussing politics with them because my parents are rather conservative (my sister is non-partisan; she doesn’t vote necessarily for one party over the other), though not as batshit insane as someone like Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, but they still watch way more FauxNooz than I think is psychologically sound.  It makes election years like this one nigh unbearable because while they hate both the GOP front-runners, they don’t want to see a Democrat in the White House for another 4-8 years.  I basically steer myself out of those conversations when I see them coming up, making just the bare minimum commentary required to not appear rude.  I wish they weren’t as conservative as they are, because I think they’re far too intelligent to get suckered in by that bullshit, but I’m 100% certain they feel the same way about me, so it cancels each other out.


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