Always walk on the sunny side.

The street I grew up on in Chicago is a far cry from the street I live on now in North Carolina.  For one, in Chicago, I grew up in an urban neighborhood, the street lined with apartment buildings.  Here, I live in a house in a subdivision in a partly rural large-ish town/smallish city.  The whole area is nothing but houses.  No apartment buildings around for at least a mile, and even then, those apartment buildings are nothing like the ones I grew up in as a kid.  There’s hardly any noise here, either.  Just the occasional dog barking or ambulance siren (There are two nursing homes and a retirement community nearby.), but that’s it.  When we first left Chicago and moved to Georgia, I had a hard time sleeping because I was accustomed to the city noise, and the quiet that descended on our neighborhood unnerved me.  Now, I’m used to that quiet, so if I moved back to Chicago or to any other urban area, I’d probably have a hard time falling asleep to start with because it would be too noisy.


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