You look ridiculous.

I loved Halloween when I was a kid, especially getting candy.  As a kid, that’s always the best part, as candy was always strictly rationed, and the only time I could really eat it was around Halloween.  However, now that I’m an adult and can theoretically buy candy when I want it (though I don’t eat it anymore), I don’t understand why adults take part in it.  Especially since it seems for adult women, it’s an excuse to dress in slutty outfits and get drunk.  If you want to dress in trashy clothes and get wasted, you don’t need a holiday designed more for children than you to do it.  Am I too cynical about this?  I pass out candy sometimes (it depends on if we can afford to buy any), and the number of older teenagers and adults I see trick-or-treating without little kids is baffling. It’s one thing if you’re going with your little one and you’re dressed up too, but if you don’t have any kids you’re escorting either trick-or-treating or to a costume party…what’s the point?  The worst part is, they don’t seem to put any real effort into it.  If someone came to the door in a full Iron Man costume or something, I’ll give you some Snickers just for pulling it off, but walking around with a sheet over your head that has two eye holes cut out of it…come on.  You’re already an adult dressing up for Halloween — don’t half-ass it.  If you’re going to look ridiculous in public, at least look like you had a plan or something.


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