A walk through history.

Last Sunday, my sister and I went to Guilford Court House National Military Park in Greensboro.  It’s on the site of the Battle of Guilford Court House, which occurred toward the end of the Revolutionary War.  You can read more about it here.  We (as in the Americans) lost, but the British suffered such heavy casualties, and it ended up being a strategic victory for us.  Even Wikipedia calls it a “pyrrhic British victory,” meaning they won, but they really lost at the same time.  After the battle, Nathaniel Greene (whom the city is named after) moved into South Carolina and basically dismantled the British forces, and it led General Cornwallis to Yorktown, and we all know what happened there.  So, it was amazing to be walking amidst the ghosts of that battle, some 235 years ago.  There are many walking trails all throughout, and there are signs posted everywhere prohibiting the use of metal detectors or relic hunting.  I’m sure there are still musket balls in the ground, amongst who knows what else, but while I don’t know if there are any bodies buried in the soil, it’s a good idea to assume there is, given that it was a battlefield, and just respectfully observe nature without touching anything.

The two of us were pleased to find it was beautiful day, though a bit chilly in the shade, but after walking for two miles, I had to take off my hoodie because I was warm.  There were a lot of people taking our cue and having a leisurely stroll, and as it was the last day of Spring Break, at least for schools in my sister’s district, there were a lot of kids enjoying their last bit of freedom before the drudgery of school resumed the following day.  I’d love to go back again, maybe later in the summer when all the trees are fully out, but on a day when it’s not too warm.  I can walk 2.5 miles when it’s 60°….not so much when it’s 85°.








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