Having a senior moment.

Have you ever thought you lost something you use every single day and always put in the same spot every time you’re done using it?  I have a remote controlled oscillating fan near my bed.  I keep the remote control on my desk so I can change speeds as I need to during the day.  Without fail, I will sit down, look for it, not find it, get up and walk around the room, not find it, sit back down again, and find it sitting right in front of me, where it had been the whole time.  I have to laugh at myself over it because if I don’t, I’ll just bang my head against the wall.

As a funny aside, I remember one time I heard the phone ringing and got up to answer it, walked into the room, couldn’t remember what I walked into the room for…as the phone was ringing…and then when the answering machine kicked on, realized I was supposed to answer the phone.  D’oh!



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