I prefer other sources.

I don’t read newspapers.  I know, that’s pretty dumb of me to admit to, but I just don’t.  I’ve always had a thing about newspapers — I don’t like how they smell, so I don’t like touching them because I don’t want my hands to get dirty and stinky.  I get my news from NPR/BBC World News to cover both national and world items and then News14 Carolina for local stuff.  Back when my parents got subscriptions to Time and Newsweek, I used to read them voraciously, but my dad doesn’t care for the direction they’ve taken, so we haven’t had them in the house for well over a decade now.  One thing I absolutely do NOT do to get news is watch CNN/MSNBC/FauxNooz….especially that last one.  Cable news in this country is either propaganda for one of the two parties (MSNBC/FauxNooz) or just shoddily run compared to how it used to be (CNN).  I’m sure that will offend someone, but while I like Rachel Maddow, I’d like her more if she was on some other network.  For what it’s worth, my dad says the same about Shepard Smith.



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