Organization is the key word.

My closet is really neat.  All the clothes are hung up with the hooks of the hangers facing the same direction, a holdover from my days working retail where I had to straighten and neaten all the racks before closing.  My clothes are also sorted by kind, and then by color.  So, all my t-shirts are hung together, and the blue shades are together, the red shades, so forth and so on.  All my work/business casual shirts are hung together, all my tank tops/camisoles are hung together….it’s easier for me this way.  I don’t like hunting for stuff when I first get up, because while I’m not falling asleep on my feet, I’m not 100% awake and the less time I have to spend rifling through clothes trying to find a gray and blue tank top or my little short-sleeved sweater shrug I wear (I don’t like showing off my bare arms, even in the summer.), the better.

My sister, she of the disastrous room I wrote about a few days ago, laughs at me over that (not maliciously), but I just retort by going into her room, flinging her closet doors open, and asking her to find something specific, like her favorite blue polka dot shirt she wears to work….and she can’t.

Beth 1, Karie 0.



  1. Raivenne · April 18, 2016

    Oh boy! Your sister and you are just like my best friend and I to a T, when it comes to closet organization. My sock and even my lingerie drawers are sorted by use, dress – casual, as well as color.. I understand.


    • Beth · April 18, 2016

      I sort my socks and underwear/bras as well! They’re neatly laid out or folded, and I bunch pairs of socks together so I’m not hunting around for the other purple one or the other blue one. Even my stockings are bunched together by pairs so I know not only do they match, but I can just grab one bundle be done.

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  2. JudyinFrance · April 18, 2016

    Oh my, you must be related to me. I try to do the same. But I do have an issue. While I hang up shirts and tee shirts and like to arrange them by color, I have a hard time deciding if I want to put short sleeved and long sleeved separately and then by color or just go with color. Does red go next to blue or green or blue? Then where does blue go; next to brown or black? So as you can see, I may be over thinking the organization issues here…


    • Beth · April 18, 2016

      Me, I would do all short-sleeved together, sorted by color, then all long-sleeved together, sorted by color. There’s also no such thing as overthinking neatness and organization. We’re the chosen people. LOL

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