Me, Myself, and I.

I like being alone sometimes.  Not all the time, mind you, but sometimes.  There are times when I just want to be by myself to read a book or listen to some music or just relax and do nothing.  People who think it’s unhealthy to be alone sometimes are missing the point, I think.  There are times when I just don’t want to be around other people, either because I’m in a bad mood or I don’t feel good or I just want some peace and quiet.  One of my favorite things to do when the weather is especially shitty is curl up with a good book and just listen to the rain beating against the windows.   It’s not that I’m anti-social, I’m really not.  As I said, I enjoy being around other people, and the vast majority of my time is spent around other people willingly.

What are some things you like to do when you’re alone?



  1. Donna Marie · April 28, 2016

    that is great u like being with u, i like being with me too 🙂 blessings

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  2. Nato · April 28, 2016

    I totally agree with you. I cherish my time alone. When I am alone I love to read, write, edit photos, garden, exercise, and clean with the music blaring. I feel like it centers me and allows me to focus more on others when I am with them.

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  3. NJ · April 28, 2016

    Ditto! I love curling up in a comfy position and reading a book. I like walking too. Just strolling about and taking in everything happening around and enjoying my own company.

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  4. Jim Kane · April 28, 2016

    Great post! Maybe it is an age thing (or that I have given too much) but I find I want to be alone more often to read, reflect, meditate these days.

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  5. Vonita · April 28, 2016

    I bath at night and listen to music, it is my quiet time.


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