Don’t fool yourselves.

I’m all for body acceptance, I’m all for loving yourself the way you are, but as an overweight person, I get very annoyed at other overweight people saying they’re not fat, they’re “curvy.”  No, you’re fat.  Call it what it is.  You look ridiculous when you try to dress it up as something it’s not.  I’m not curvy, I’m fat.  I’d like to get down to “curvy,” but I’m not there yet.  What annoys me about this is the complete avoidance of the serious health problems that can come from obesity that these women seem to totally gloss over.  I understand the risks that come from carrying too much weight, and I work my ass off — unfortunately not literally — trying to minimize them the best I can.  I don’t appreciate women my size or bigger claiming nothing’s wrong with how they look, and it’s everyone else who can’t accept them for who they are.  I’m not suggesting you should hate yourself, but there’s a difference between loving yourself and being naive.  Some of these women, I feel, are absolutely and utterly naive.  Obesity is not attractive, it’s not something to be applauded, supported, or attained.  Have enough love for yourself that you want to be healthy.  That’s all I’m saying.


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