Overplayed and overrated.

I love Led Zeppelin. Really. I think they’re arguably one of the greatest rock bands in music history, and I seriously enjoy listening to their music.  I have Zep IV on vinyl and have almost worn the grooves out. I love ’em.

(begin bad language alert)

For the love of Christ, though….if I hear Stairway to Heaven one more fucking time, I’m going to SCREAM.  They did more songs than that.  It’s not even the best song on the album!  I listen to a lot of oldies/classic rock radio because that’s where my tastes lie, and I swear…I will hear this fucking song at least five times a day.  They did other songs! I promise! I’m totes telling the truth.  Whenever I hear people say Stairway to Heaven is their favorite song, I roll my eyes.  Even Robert Plant doesn’t think it’s the best song on the album, and if anyone’s opinion on the matter should be deferred to, it’s the guy who sang the goddamn thing.  I used to really love it, and then I heard it about a billion times, and now I hate it.  Just the opening intro is enough to make my spine want to leap through the top of my skull.  The lyrics, now that I can understand them, make absolutely no sense.  A spring clean for the May queen?  What’s a bustle doing in a hedgerow?  Did you throw your foundation garments out the window?  The only other song I can compare this absolute loathing to is Another Brick in the Wall pt. 2 by Pink Floyd.  The lyrics to that song drive me up a wall (We don’t need no education?  Yeah, you do, as long as you insist on using double negatives like that.), the disco drums annoy me, and not even the great David Gilmour’s guitar solo at the end can save it.  That’s kind of how I feel about Stairway.  Great band, great musicians, great writers….shitty fucking song.  So in parting, I leave you with the best song on Led Zeppelin IV, and I will allow no dissension about it in my comments.

(end bad language alert)



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