I’ll listen to almost anything. Almost.

I love music.  If I look at my iTunes library right now, I’ve got 944 different artists and over almost 2,200 songs.  None of them illegally downloaded from torrents, thank you very much.  The artists in my collection range from ABBA to The Zombies.  Genres include everything from jazz to psychedelic to quiet storm to classical to pop to soul to funk to disco.  As the title says, I’ll listen to almost anything.  “Almost” is the key word there, however.  I don’t like heavy metal as a rule, though I do have a few metal songs in my library like Enter Sandman, Livin’ After Midnight, and Iron Man.  What passes for country music nowadays I can’t stand, but I’ve got Marty Robbins, Johnny Cash, and Merle Haggard in my library.  I especially love Merle Haggard.  Not only was he a great singer with a beautiful voice, but goddamn was he gorgeous back in the 1960s.  I enjoy looking at his album covers as much as listening to the music contained inside them.

To give you an idea of how I have my library broken down, refer to the following image:

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 8.13.13 AM

The 60s/70s playlists have the most songs because that’s where my tastes generally fall in regards to oldies and classic rock, but as you can see….I got a little bit of everything.  Yes, even the Beastie Boys.  Aside from their first album which was shit, they’re fantastic.  The first playlist doesn’t have as many songs as the subsequent decades, only because I haven’t been able to really find much that I like aside from ubiquitous tunes like Stardust, One o’Clock Jump, Take the A Train, and Sing, Sing, Sing.  Oh, and Glenn Miller.  Can’t forget him.  So, no Justin Bieber in this gal’s iTunes library.  I went through that teenybopper phase about 16 years ago, and I’m glad to be past it.




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  2. Shiva Malekopmath · May 3, 2016

    Its interesting to know that you have a good collection of sorts and you listen to anything.
    I have come here from the Daily Post ‘Music’. I have Posted one on my Music Menu you may read “Greatest Musicians and Lyricists of Bollywood”. It may interest you.


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