Love and respect your pets, please.

I have three pets; a basset hound named Theodore, a black cat named Lucky, and a tuxedo cat named Beau.  They’re my babies.  Not my babies like that, I’m not one of those weird people who thinks their pets are their children, but they’re living beings I care for and love.  How’s that?  Anyway, I have three pets.  I don’t leave them outside all day to fend for themselves and possibly get run over by a car, stung by an insect, attacked by another animal, or stolen by someone who thinks they’re strays.  I don’t leave them to swelter in the heat or freeze in the cold.  I play with them, walk them (dog only, you don’t walk cats, though I suppose if you put them on a very small harness with a leash you could), pet them, hug them…generally interact with them and let them know, hey — I love you.

When I see people who have pets but clearly don’t give a fuck about them, it makes my blood boil.  Our next-door neighbor had a dog…probably the sweetest dog you’d ever meet in your entire life.  That poor animal spent all its time in the backyard, alone.  No one played with him, no one walked him, no one interacted with him other than filling his food and water dishes.  My family gave him plenty of attention (and Milkbones!) whenever we could, but he wasn’t our dog, so we couldn’t dognap him him or anything.  He died a couple of years ago, alone, in that backyard.  It broke my heart.  He deserved better.  They had a cat too, and absolutely loving, friendly cat who just wanted to rub against your legs and get attention.  I don’t know what happened to her, we don’t see her around anymore and haven’t in years.  I’d like to think someone thought she was a stray and took her in, because it’s better than the alternative.

My point is, if you’re going to buy a pet, a) make sure you get one from the shelter and not a breeder or a pet store, and b) treat it like you would a human member of the family.  Would you leave grandma out in the cold to sleep in a doghouse when it’s 10° and snowing?  No?  Okay, don’t put Fido out there in it either.  My cats are indoor cats only because they live 3x as long as outdoor cats, and I don’t have to worry about something happening to them.  I know where they are.  Would you let your child run around outside, unsupervised, not knowing where they are or what happened to them?  No?  Okay, don’t your cats do it either.  Common sense, people.  COMMON SENSE.


  1. donotannoythewriter · May 16, 2016

    Great post! People being disrespectful, abusive, or downright negligent of animals makes my blood boil! I have 12 rescue cats, and so have spent many years trying to undo the hurt (often psychological) inflicted on these beautiful creatures by others. They are my fur babies, and woe betide anyone who threatens them. That goes for other animals too…I have rescued 2 hedgehogs (one hand-reared after I found him along the canal. He now lives wild and free, has survived three hibernations and comes for food every evening), 2 rabbits, countless small birds, a goose, 2 pigeons and a squirrel!


  2. Jim Kane · May 16, 2016

    A great post Beth. Our first cat we put on leash and took him for walks, which he demanded to go on when I would get home from work! I think that it’s the cat who makes the determination in that regard. Our current one hates outside and has no desire to go outside.



    • Beth · May 16, 2016

      Our tuxedo would probably go outside if we let him, but our other cat wants no part of the great outdoors. We could open every door in the house and stick her in the threshold, and she’d just run back upstairs. She’s a chicken. LOL. I’m glad neither of them are outdoor cats, specifically for the reasons I’d outlined. Lucky is 16 years old, and she didn’t get that old by running around outside. I’d like Beau to reach a ripe old age like that, if not older.

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      • Jim Kane · May 17, 2016

        I understand that desire. Inky (black and a persian/siamese mix) lived to be 16. I am wondering if his thyroid issue was caused by his outdoor experiences. Will never know.


  3. dderbydave · May 16, 2016

    Great post Beth. We’ve always had cats and know there are indoor cats and outdoor cats. That said, our Outdoor cats are allowed in, feed and have a place to sleep and the Indoor ones are allowed to mooch around the yard for a bit before scuttling back in. We have one of each at the moment so seem to spend our time as Doormen to the moggies.


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