Ad volare ex stellae.

I love looking up at the sky and seeing the moon shining bright, looking down on everyone.  It still astonishes me that human beings, Americans no less, walked around on it less than 50 years ago.  We had a full moon on Saturday, but the weather here has been absolute crap, so I couldn’t see it.  My windows face east, so when the moon rises at night in the east, my room is bathed in bright white light, and it’s gorgeous.  I wish I had a telescope so I could look at it properly.  All I have are my grandfather’s good binoculars, and while they can help me some things, like the cloudiness around Orion’s Nebula, I can’t see American flags on the Moon, and I’ve heard that with a really good telescope, you can.  How awesome would that be?  Well, they’d be white fabric by now, having been bleached by the sun, but still.  It would be worth seeing anyway.


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