My favorite Pink Floyd song?

I couldn’t possibly tell you.  They just have too many songs I love to bits.  I think the better question would be which song of theirs I hate the most, and that would be easy — Another Brick in the Wall pt. 2.  A bigger piece of shit song wasn’t recorded until Justin Bieber came along.  Any who, my favorite Floyd song……like I said, too many to name.  The whole of Dark Side of the Moon is on the list, as is all of Wish You Were Here; Burning Bridges and Stay from Obscured by Clouds; Dogs, Pigs (Three Different Ones), and Sheep from Animals; Summer ’69 from Atom Heart Mother……I should just copy/paste their entire discography for you.  They are amazing, phenomenal, awesome, inspiring, all of that.  The best part?  I’ve never done so much as a scintilla of any drug, and I can love and appreciate their art all the same, so don’t buy into that bullshit that you need to be stoned to listen to them.  You don’t.  The only people who say that are potheads looking for other potheads to be friends with.  Don’t buy the hype.


One comment

  1. jacquelineobyikocha · May 26, 2016

    Nobody needs to be stoned to listen to or appreciate music


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