The funniest mispronunciation I’ve ever heard.

Today’s prompt “Epitome” reminded me of probably the most gut-busting moment of hilarity I can recall in my scholastic career.  I was in college, and all BBA students were required to take Speech/Public Speaking as a required course, considering how much public speaking they’d be doing in their future careers.  There were four required speeches in the class, the first three on predetermined topics, and the last one could be about anything you wanted.  You could talk for 10 minutes about the joys of baking cookies if you wanted to.  Well.  This girl, we’ll call her “Betsy” (not her real name), got up there and started waxing rhapsodic about how much she just loved Britney Spears.  I know.  Anyway, she’s really going, chugging right along, and then it happened.  She called Ms. Spears the “epitome of teen pop perfection.”

The “ep-eye-tome of teen pop perfection.”


I was dying.  Someone next to me had to get up and leave the room before they burst into hysterical laughter right in front of her.  “Betsy” had absolutely no idea what people were snickering about, and after she sat down in her seat following a raucous standing ovation that you can probably tell was 99.9% sarcasm, the teacher quickly restored order, reminding everyone we were adults, not 6th graders.  Still, it was fucking hysterical.  It remains, to this day, the absolute most memorable mispronunciation I’ve ever heard in my entire life.


  1. Mitali Pandey · May 28, 2016

    people can mispronounce a word. not a big deal. But the kinds who show off their “skills” , when they got it all wrong. Those are a real joke 😛

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  2. Olive Ole · May 28, 2016

    I mispronounced todays prompt when I asked Sir Nerdalot what it meant. He giggled too ;-p I said it with a silent E at the end. My excuse is that my native tongue is not English, an excuse I use all the time ;-p (but hey! It works!)

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  3. dderbydave · May 29, 2016

    I’d just finished a unit with a class on Greece and we were sitting through an agonising morning assembly by the Deputy Principal. This lady was so detached and dare I say (up her own a%$e) that she had no idea what my class were up to. Anyway, she launched into a monologue about Zeus – apparently pronounced ZAYUS in her little world. Well my kids started by looking at me with WTF looks on their faces and, after several Zayus’s, started giggling. She looked at me and I tried, politely, to explain about the pronunciation. Think it annoyed her. In the Staff Room she talked loudly about pseudo-intellectuals and stormed out. My colleagues all burst out laughing. She was, and still is, the most stuck up silly little person who has embedded herself in the local Art Society: the most self serving bunch of pompous inbreds on God’s good Earth.
    Ah, you’ve got to laugh, haven’t you? – that’s said Lowg-h by the way


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