Keeping it neat.

I’ve talked more than a few times on this blog about how I am a stickler for things being tidy, neat, organized, all of it.  My clothes in my closet are hung up according to style, and then organized by color within that style, the clothes in my dresser are similarly arranged, the books on my bookshelf are organized by category, then by author, all the songs on my computer are organized by genre, then by artist, then by album chronologically…I don’t like wasting time looking for something when I want it.  If I want to listen to Pure Desmond by Paul Desmond, I don’t want to go hunting around for it.  If I want to read A Thousand Days by Arthur M. Schlesinger, I want to be able to immediately spot it and grab it.  I’ve always been like that for as long as I can remember; it wasn’t some quirk of adulthood.  Even my notes in school, both high school and college, were very organized.  It helped because if someone needed to look at them because they missed a day or something, they could easily understood what was covered in class.  My sister, which I’ve also talked about, is the exact opposite.  There’s a method to her madness though, which I’ll be damned if I understand myself, but she knows where everything is and how to get to it.  Amazing how we can be related, yet be so fundamentally different at the same time.



  1. loisajay · May 29, 2016

    The clothes thing…yes! By color and then according to sleeve length: sleeveless, short sleeve long sleeve. Same in the dresser drawers. Thank you!


    • Beth · June 2, 2016

      I don’t organize by sleeve length, but now that you’ve said that, I think I’m going to have to! 😀

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      • loisajay · June 2, 2016

        I told a few people at work and then they told their friends….we are taking over the world! 😀


  2. dderbydave · May 29, 2016

    It’s true. I have two brothers and we are nothing like each other.


  3. caffeinetoyourdecaf · May 29, 2016

    You remind me of Monica, from F.R.I.E.N.D.S!! I am similar too! One thing for sure, my bag is so organized that it can be mapped! And once upon a time you could have set a clock based on my sleep-wake cycles! It’s fun to organized!


    • Beth · June 2, 2016

      My sleep/wake cycles are incredibly precise as well. I go to bed about 10:30-11:00, and I’m up at 6:00 a.m. every morning, seven days a week. I never need an alarm clock, I just know when it’s time to wake up. It used to irritate my roommates in college who needed three clocks and a gallon of coffee or soda to get ready for classes. Me, I’d get up, grab a bottle of Diet Coke or a bottle of water and be out the door.

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  4. luckyjc007 · May 29, 2016

    Your post makes me think I’m reading about me! I love to be organized…I can function so much better that way. I even like things put in the refrigerator in a certain place….it’s no fun going on an expedition hunt if it’s not organized. Great post!


    • Beth · June 2, 2016

      I will annoy people by cleaning up their houses/apartments if I come over. I’ll start organizing and straightening things, sometimes without even consciously realizing I’m doing it. Then they’ll look at me like, “WTF, this is my house.” 😀


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